Americans Opposed to Being Shot

4" x 7"

Set in Futura Heavy and Futura Bold


This book was for one of my final projects where we were required to emulate an artist.  I emulated Gran Fury and applied his techniques to ending gun violence.  Much of the text is from a New Yorker article by Andy Borowitz, “Americans Opposed to Being Shot Seek Representation in Washington.” The satirical text is set in vibrant yellows or reds against a dark gray background.  This stark contrast of color represents how the words may make the reader laugh, but the subject is still very grave and threatening.  The first page of the book says “[sigh],” which was not in the original article.  By placing this text here, I set up the rest of the book to be something that has been done many times before, to the point where it is now tiring or tedious to do.


The last page 14 pages spill out of the book accordian style, where each yellow dot represents a person who has died in the past year of gun violence.  The reader must then put the pages back inside, but doing so is a bit cumbersome.  This act is meant to show that it is too difficult to ignore these deaths and so we must not forget about them.

© 2020 by Megan Brink