Animation Doodles

Here are a few short, personal animation exercises that I like too much to let waste away on my computer, but not enough to give them their own page on my website.

The Chimney Swift

If I owned an Audubon shop it would be called the Chimney Swift, and it would sell over-the-top adorable bird houses. I made this short ad for my nonexistent shop just for fun.

Toon Toaster

Using a combination of Cinema4D and AfterEffects, I made this cell shaded magical toaster in order to play around with faux 2D cartoon styles.

The Great Party Owl

I made this to give me some joy during quarantine. There's really nothing else to it.

Animated Book Covers

After reading two incredible memoirs back-to-back, I felt inspired to create my own animated book cover for each of them. I made the composition vertical, to replicate the size of an actual book.


It was a lot of fun developing the concepts, and I hope to do some more soon.

Lazy Egg

A while ago I really wanted to begin a long-term personal project that would be beautiful and epic and super awesome, but I couldn't commit to any ideas. After a day of starts and stops, I became very frustrated with myself. I ended up creating this short, self-deprecating animation instead.

It's not nearly the super epic personal project I had wanted to make, but it was actually pretty fun and I think we all feel like lazy eggs sometimes.


Winner of People's Choice Best Motion Design

Winner of Judge's Choice Best Motion Design

For the Adobe Creative Jam, contestants have 3 hours to create an animation based off of a theme.  At the Yale Adobe Creative Jam in 2017, the theme was "Inside Out."  In collaboration with Sally Weiner, we created a short animation illustrating how people imagine germs.


These are two very short animations of cats that I used to practice some illustration and animation techniques. You can also see from these that I love cats.