For You

In my free time I enjoy sketching whatever is around me, and that's typically my boyfriend. After a few years together I have amassed a large collection of sketches of him, ranging from 20 second doodles to more detailed portraits. What I enjoy about all of the sketches is that even though they are of the same person and all drawn by the same hand, they're each unique.

For You_collage 3.jpg

For this video, I collected a few of the many drawings of my boyfriend, scanned them into my computer, then spliced and collaged them to create entirely new portraits of him.

If you have ever gone to a figure drawing class, you'll notice that 20 people have drawn the same person in vastly different ways, yet they're all accurate depictions. This is what I have always enjoyed most about figure drawing, and I wanted to play with the concept in this short personal project.

For You_collage 4.jpg

The title "For You," is meant to be for all muses, friends, partners, and anybody else who will sit still for just one more minute so we can finish drawing you before you move again.

For You_collage 2.jpg