If Only You Could Find It

This animation was my senior art thesis for my undergraduate art degree at Yale. I would like to credit Tom Gurin for creating the music for my piece.

For this project, I used 2D animation to explore the constant metamorphosis of memories.  I employed a mix of realistic and abstracted architectural spaces to represent changes in one's perception of a time, place, or person.  I focused on the idea that when you are remembering you are also forgetting.

I chose to do an animation because I felt the medium's plasticity represents the malleability of thought and memory.  I designed the film to loop, because I wanted to show the process of remembering as a cycle.

I was influenced by a variety of artists, including Maurice Noble, Wengechi Mutu, and UPA animations. I was initially inspired to work on this topic by the film "Waltz with Bashir" (2008, Ari Folman) which is an animated film that follows the story of a soldier who tries to remember what happened to him during the first Lebanon war.