Let's Learn | 学ぼう

"Let's Learn | 学ぼう" is about the joys and struggles of learning a new language, specifically when using modern technology.


I was inspired to create this video based on my own experiences of learning Japanese. There's a lot that I find rewarding and exciting when learning a new language, and also a lot that I find embarrassing, funny, and downright frustrating.

In order to portray these different aspects of language learning, I created a story that follows two people who struggle through the learning process until they finally find each other. Through friendship and a shared passion, they are encouraged to continue their journey.


Let's Learn_Storyboard

Style Frames

One motif that's evident throughout the video is the way letterforms construct the landscape of each scene. Sometimes the letters and characters are large, and other times they fade into the background.

I like this concept because it reflects how learning a language can sometimes permeate your thoughts, even when you're not actively studying. I personally would find myself going to work and wondering how many of the things on the train could I name in Japanese.

Let's Learn_Japanese Food Stall.png