Logo Designs

Community Choice Energy

Community Choice Energy is a group in Boston trying to bring more renewable energy to the community.  


The team definitely wanted the lightning bolt from the start, but I pushed it further to connect more with their community-focused mission. The green colors, repetition in the lightning bolt, and three roofs symbolizes the importance of green energy and the community. 

Interview Refresh

Interview Refresh is an interview coaching business that helps job-seekers prepare and practice for their interviews. 


The group wanted something that was friendly and signified a fresh start. This design, which resembles both water splashing and leaves on a flower, achieves their goal.

Documentary Film Club

The Documentary Film Club is part of Brookline Interactive Group, an media and technology education center for Brookline, MA.  


For their new club, I created a logo that was inspired by Vertov's "Man with a Movie Camera," specifically the iconic shot of Vertov's eye in the camera lens.

Yale Pathways to Arts and Humanities

The Yale Pathways to Arts and Humanities is a program that brings high school students to Yale classes. The logo uses the CMYK colors to emphasize the collaboration between art and science, which is another Yale Pathways group.

Meg Brink

For my personal logo, I wanted something that was both illustrative but also easily lends itself to animation, therefore combining my two passions. The design of this is inspired by woodcarvings, which is also fitting because I'm practicing making linocuts in my spare time.