Another Wedding Invite

Continuing the tradition, I just finished designing the Save the Date for my other sister! (See previous blog post here.) Each one is a lot of fun to do, especially since they are all so different from the other.

My sister wanted the wedding invite to be fun and colorful, and have some kind of cartoon or caricature of her and her fiancé (and she wanted their dog incorporated somewhere). After we landed on a concept, I created some sketches for two possible style directions:

This one was a bit more angular...

...and this a bit curvier.

They ended up choosing "option angular," and so from there I blocked in the colors, added some line details, and wrote in the text.

After I finished the illustration, I felt the text area seemed too empty. I played with adding more flowers or maybe a butterfly, but those options were too busy. I decided on a simple border because it ties the top and bottom together without being too distracting. Here's the final product:

And now all my siblings are married or in the process of getting married, so looks like this is the end of the tradition. Happy wedding!