Bodies in Shapes

Designer Tom Froese has this really fun course on SkillShare called Odd Bodies. He teaches illustrators how to create unique and weird rendering of humans that are often much more interesting than realistic drawings. This week I did one of his practice assignments where you first draw four random, unusual shapes...

Random shape doodles

...and then you draw people to fit inside those shapes. I liked this exercise because it makes you contort the people in weird ways to get them to fit, and it creates very interesting and funny poses.

After roughly drawing in the people, I'd try to add some extra elements, like cats and a big hat, to give more story and interest to the composition.

I ended up only finishing three of the four drawings, but I think I would try this exercise again sometime. It was really fun and it added a lot of humor to the poses. Next time I would go further in pushing the scale of things to be insanely large or insanely small, and I would bend the limbs into even more unrealistic shapes.

Yoga with cats
Swimming - this one is probably my favorite
Trying to look cool by the pool