Colored Pencil Sketches

After finishing my drawing of the Laughing Kookaburra, I bought myself a sketchbook of that same gray paper because I think it makes the colored pencil feel so much more vibrant. I went down to Harvard Square and did some quick warm-up sketches where I gave myself only 3 minutes for each drawing.

warm-up sketches - 3 minutes per drawing

I then started drawing a sketch of Science Plaza. I didn't give myself a time limit on this drawing, but I still worked quickly. Usually with colored pencil drawings I draw the image in pencil first and then carefully work over it with the colored pencil, but this time I went straight to colored pencil. The final drawing won't be as refined, but it can be a lot livelier.

Colored pencil sketch of Harvard Square/Science Plaza

I would've stayed longer if construction hadn't started right behind me, which really ruined my peaceful mood.

Back at home, I took more time drawing my fiddle fig plant since it was raining for two days straight. I started with a pencil sketch and then went over that in blue and yellow, mapping out the shadows and highlights.

Pencil sketch

(Sorry about the terrible photo quality)

Fiddle fig drawing with colored pencil outlines in blue and yellow

I haven't actually finished this one yet as it's taking longer than I expected, but here's the halfway point:

Partially completed drawing of a fiddle fig in colored pencil

I think I'll finish this on the next rainy day. I just hope my fiddle fig hasn't grown too much by then.