Don't Feed the Pelicans!

Updated: Sep 8

The Australian Pelican has such a cool and graphic plumage that I knew I wanted to draw it once I saw Mark's photo, but I had a hard time figuring out the composition.

Rough sketches of a few different layouts

I ended up choosing to draw just one pelican so that it stood out from the background, whereas having multiple pelicans could have reduced the graphic impact.

For the shading and coloring, I used a noise brush. This brush is a great way to add shading in a way that can be very gentle, but also give it some texture. The noise texture though is better seen in close ups of the drawing, so I provided two close ups here:

Close up of the pelican's head
Close up of the pelican's feet and the water

And here's the full final drawing:

In my research I learned that like with most wild animals, you really shouldn't feed them. Even if they're begging, don't feed the pelicans!