Hungry Hummingbird

While staying with my parents during the pandemic, I've been thrilled by how many birds I get to see. A Great Blue Heron has flown by me a couple times, Loons are regularly calling in the distance, and now a Cooper's Hawk is stalking prey around our house.

I wanted to create an illustration featuring one of these impressive birds, but I ended up focusing on the little hummingbird that frequently visits my mom's plants. I love its bright colors and adorable tiny shape. I found the concept extra appealing because I got to draw my second favorite thing to birds: my mom's cooking.

Initial sketch of a hummingbird stealing some spaghetti.

My initial sketch had the hummingbird just hovering above the pasta. To give him more character I redrew him to be pulling at the pasta with all his might, since one strand might prove to be too heavy for him.

I'm often torn whether or not I should keep outlines in my drawings. In animation, outlines tend to be a pain to work with so I typically leave them out. I love line work, however, and with this drawing I think the outlines make the pasta really stand out.

I've been staying with my parents since the start of the pandemic, but I'll be returning to my apartment next week. I'll be sad to say goodbye to them along with all the lovely birds and delicious food. Thankfully I won't be gone long!