Illustration Spots - Boston Ice Cream

I recently completed a Skillshare class created by illustrator Tom Froese called Sweet Spots. The purpose of the class was to learn how to create a series of small illustrations that would accompany the body of an article. These "spots" are meant to be small with a singular concept – they typically have no backgrounds and no more than one character. Although they're small, a lot of work goes in to making them.

First I had to create a fake article that I would then create illustrations for. My fake article was a review for a "Walking Tour of Boston's Best Ice Cream."

Although some of the images I drew were fairly simple, such as an ice cream cone and a notepad, I still had to draw a few iterations of these items in the thumbnail sketching phase:

Once I chose the direction I wanted to go in, I began creating the final illustrations with just a few colors. It was challenging drawing ice cream without using any of the typical colors, such as chocolate brown or vanilla white, but I enjoyed this challenge.

The last four illustrations had to depict a less literal concept than the first four. Here I drew "be willing to try weird flavors," "a great activity for the summer heat," "come hungry," and "wear comfortable shoes."

Now I'm going to go eat some ice cream myself.