Making a Short – Part 3

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I'm excited to finally share my finished animation, which I've named "Let’s Learn | 学ぼう!"

After posting "Making a Short - Part 2," I spent a long time animating each scene and the ways that they transition from one to another. Once the initial animation was finally done, I had to rethink a bit of the timing so that it aligned more with the music and maintained a good pace. I initially planned for the animation to be about a minute long, but it ended up at about a minute and 30 seconds. It might not sound like much of a difference, but in animation terms, an extra 30 seconds can take a long time to make!

Once I had the animation nearly finished, I reached out to my Japanese tutor Takako so that she could double check my Japanese writing to make sure everything I had was correct.

As with most of my animation projects, the most dreadful part for me is the ending because it requires so much sound design. Without the funds to hire somebody, finding sound effects can be very challenging, and finding the right royalty free soundtrack is equally as difficult. This part of the process requires a lot of scrolling through websites trying to find just the right ding or buzz sound that I'm looking for, and it can take quite a while to find one that I'm happy with.

I'm really happy with the way that it turned out. Thanks for watching and reading! Since Christmas is around the corner and I have quite a few gifts I need to create, I'm going to take a break from the blog until the new year. See you in 2021!