Old Architecture Sketchbook

While home in quarantine, I looked through my old things and found my architecture sketchbook from college. Although I was not an architecture major, I loved the subject and took a number of classes in the field.

One of my favorites was the intro class because we were required to take notes and include very fast sketches of the buildings we saw in lecture.

A page of notes on buildings and climate. I struggle to read my handwriting here.

We also had a lot of fun homework assignments. Our very first one was to draw a fictional building from a book of our choosing. I ended up drawing the Weasley's home from Harry Potter, which was maybe an odd choice since it's supported by magic and not at all structurally sound.

Sketch of The Burrow from Harry Potter

We of course had to sketch some buildings around campus...

Sketch of the Yale University Art Gallery
Window detail

Another assignment was to pick an object and draw the plan and elevation for that object. I picked an ugly shower caddy I found.

Architectural plans for a shower caddy

And lastly my favorite assignment we had was to draw a route you regularly take. I made a collage of the buildings I passed on my way from my dorm to Harkness Tower.

Architecture Collage

I wish I could take architecture classes again! I also wish I took better photos of my sketchbook. Sorry for the poor quality.