Reduction Print

Most recently in my lino printing experimentation, I tried a reduction print for the first time. This is when you print multiple colors but by only using one block, which means that with every new color, you have to carve away some of the block to make your design. The downside of this is that once you move on to the next color, you can't go back and print more.

As always, first I planned in my sketchbook.

Some thumbnails and line tests
Full size sketch of final block

Below are the three color stages. First we have the light background color, then the mid-tone bridge and tree colors, and finally the dark rock color:

My original plan was to have a lot of cross hatching in the rockface to give it more dimension, but I got nervous it was going to look bad, so I made a few prints of just the plain rockface. Then I did some more with the hatching style, with a few different hues.

The darkest one is my favorite because the hatching is more notable.

And here are some shots of the messy table!