Snowy Linocut

It's been about a year and a half since I made a linocut print, so I was excited to use the holiday last weekend to get back into it. I'm rather amateur at printmaking, and it was my first time using real linoleum and not dense rubber, so I learned a lot making this print.

First I drew a sketch of what I wanted to print, which was a view outside my window.

Pencil Sketch 3" x 6"

Then I used white carbon paper to trace the image onto the lino block.

Then I got to the carving stage! It was very tiring on my hands and arms to carve those very skinny lines.

Partially carved block
Fully carved block

Finally it was time to ink. I definitely over inked this first one...

Inked block

Actually printing is the most exciting part but also the most nerve-racking. I printed mostly in black, but then at the end did some in blue as well.

Black Print on Rice Paper

Blue Print on Strathmore

(Sorry for the terrible picture quality. I don't have access to a scanner right now due to the library being closed.)