Style Frame Graveyard

Updated: Feb 7

The typical process for a project at work is I'll receive a script for a video, I'll create a few different styles for that video, and then the client chooses which style they'd like to continue with. It's inevitable then that I'll end up with styles I really like that never see the light of day, thus they go to the Style Frame Graveyard.

(Although sometimes a different project will ask for a previously discarded style, in which case we have a Style Frame Zombie!)

Below are two sets of style frames that were really fun to work on but ultimately were sent to the grave. At least I get to showcase them here!

Set 1 - Cut to the 50's

A series of bright collages that use 50's imagery and the unique typography of the decade.

Set 2 - The Rad 80's

A paper-cut-out look combined with the iconic Memphis style of the 80's.