The Great Party Owl

A few months ago I had the very random idea to make the video above. I can't really remember why I thought of it, but the main idea was to have the tufts of the Great Horned Owl be something other than tufts. So I made them sunglasses, and then it escalated from there into an owl that loves to party.

Sketch of the Great Party Owl

I drew all the assets in Photoshop, and then animated in AfterEffects. Animating took longer than I thought because I've only ever made rigs for people, not animals, so it took some trial and error to see what would work best.

(A rig, if you don't know, is like creating a skeleton for a person or animal, which makes animating easier later on. It allows you to connect all parts of the body, so if I were to move the head down, the ears, eyes, mouth, etc. would all move with it without me needing to go back and move those too.)

I hope this very random video brings you a little joy in quarantine!