The Inhabitants

A while ago I made this illustration for a class assignment (you can read more about that in a previous blog post here):

My Workspace - Initial Illustration

The assignment was to draw our workspace. My desk then was a very chaotic and messy space, so I wanted to make the overall mood a bit unsettling. I turned the items on my desk into ethereal pseudo-monsters that, in my mind, all had names and personalities.

At the time I had this idea to make an animation that introduces each of the characters one by one in this kind of 50's jazz style. It's been a few months since I finished the illustration, but this week I finally went back and turned it into an animation.

I didn't individually introduce every object on the desk as I didn't want the video to get too long. I had a lot of fun with the ones I did though, especially in trying to make the text animations embody their titles.

I hoped you enjoy it! I also hope your desks aren't quite as messy as mine.