The Little Owl

I think a lot of people are surprised when I tell them that I draw with colored pencils because it seems like such a children's toy, like with crayons or markers, but colored pencils are really great when trying to make colorful and accurate drawings with a high level of detail.

For my colored pencil drawing of the Little Owl, I started by very lightly sketch out my drawing with a pencil.

I adjusted this picture in photoshop to make the lines darker, otherwise you'd struggle to see them.

I didn't want the pencil lines to come through in the final drawing, so before adding any colored pencil, I carefully erased the area I was about to work on.

I lightly mapped out a few shadows, and then I worked my way from the top left down to the bottom right so that my hand wouldn't smudge any areas that were already completed.

And here's the final drawing! (The photo was taken in much better lighting compared to the process shots.)

A big thank you to Mark Philips for providing the reference photo!