Animation Bootcamp

The pieces on this page were all for an online class called Animation Bootcamp run through School of Motion. The goal of the course was to learn and execute animation principles. For most projects we received style frames for the video, but it was on us to figure out how the pieces moved and transitioned from one to another.

For our final project we were required to animate in accordance to a series of boards and a pre-made voice over. This was a technical and creative challenge that combined all of the skills we learned in the course.

Be the Ice Sculptor

Eye Control

The purpose of this assignment was to use the movements of the design elements to guide the viewer's eye to the next piece of animation. Hence the name "Eye Control."


Circle Society

This was a fun video advertising the elitist Circle Society. The simple shapes allowed for a lot of creativity in how to transition from frame to frame. The quick timing of the narration also allowed me to practice adjusting my visual ideas to be in sync with the audio.


Brain Hole

For this logo animation it was important to me to not go right away with my first idea, but try something more unexpected with a simple web page icon. I also wanted to focus on secondary animation to subtly emphasize the main movements.


Pong Challenge

This midterm-like assignment was meant to bring all the animation principles together: follow through, ease in and out, squash and stretch, anticipation, and more.

Myers Dreidels

This logo animation was a great way to practice eases and bounces to get a fun, springy vibe for a farcical dreidel company.


Cow Blaster

Though a bit odd, the goal of this project was to use the sci-fi laser gun to destroy the alien cows. Unlike the previous springy logo, this needed to move smoothly to reflect the sleek, high tech design of the UI.

Scrapbook Elvis

It was time to break some rules for this faux stop motion reality TV show opener. Instead of smooth movements we learned some methods to making jerky cuts to create a more handmade feeling for our animation.