Scientific Animation

As a freelancer for LifeSci Communications, I had the pleasure of animating this mechanism of action video for DURECT. I find molecular videos like these very fun to work on because I get to animate rather strange and abstract shapes, but these videos can also be challenging due to the level of precision that is required. My interest in biology and science makes me think carefully about how every piece moves so that the animation is accurate to what it is representing.


A particularly challenging part was the DNA strands, which were constantly wiggling back and forth. Although this motion added lots of complexity to the project, it makes the animation lively and engaging. There were also lots of split-screens used in this video - sometimes four at once! By applying fade-in effects, I was able to keep the viewer focused on the relevant part of the frame.

You can view the video and learn more about DUR-928 on DURECT's website.