Digital Binge

For this Illustration for Motion assignment, we needed to recreate the drawings provided into a new style and fit them into new dimensions. The new style needed to use the same concept as the original, but have a younger vibe that would be appealing to a 13-25 year old demographic.

Here were the initial drawings provided by School of Motion and created by Sara Wong:

For my re-brand, I focused on making the overall drawings brighter and less textured. I distorted the person through extreme perspective and added some bright patterns to their clothes. In the water, I had fun turning the play buttons into fish that leap out of the air. In animation, we would start with the first frame and then pan down, going deeper into the water until we reach the title lock-up.

I'm really happy with my final drawings because I think they are really fun and youthful while still maintaining the same concept.

That was actually my second attempt at this assignment. My first attempt at this was a bit disastrous:

I was very excited by the concept, but when I asked my boyfriend to describe the image without having any context, he said it looked like a butt hole. I swear that was not what I was trying to convey! (But I see it now.) I had wanted to make it so that water was in the shape of an eyeball, and the hole in the middle was the pupil.

I think there were things I could have done to salvage the drawing and make it look less like a butt hole, but I also felt that this style was too similar to the original, and it didn't feel very young to me. So I reluctantly started from scratch, but in the end I'm really glad I gave it another chance.