Making a Short - Part 2

See Part 1

I spent the majority of the last two weeks just drawing this one scene. It took so long because I had to draw every building individually so that I can animate them later.

Final scene where each person travels to the other's country for the first time.

The scene is supposed to be exciting and a bit overwhelming, so unfortunately some of my building details get lost in the fray. I separated the buildings, along with some other objects, from their scenes and laid them out in their own images below. It's a nice way to see the progress I've made.

With the style frames finally completed, I was able to move on and create a final storyboard. Storyboards are meant to be just rough drawings so that you can work quickly and get a gist of what the action will be. I've added a lot of notes for myself (and my writing isn't the neatest) so you might have a challenge understanding this.

My next step will be to make an animatic and decide on the music/sound. Often times I don't worry about the music until the end of a project, but because there is no narration, the music will play a large part in the pacing and emotion of each scene. It's important to choose that now before I go into the final animation.

There's so much work ahead of me for this! I might take a break to work on some other things momentarily, but I'll return to this again in a week or two.