More Quarantine Drawings

Here are two drawings I've done recently in quarantine.

The first is a pastel drawing of a view from a hike we did recently. After we came home from the hike, I spent about an hour sketching the view from the top, using a few photos as references.

Hard Pastel – 5" x 7"

Hard pastels is one of my favorite mediums to work in because it's very fast and I love the vibrancy of the colors.

For my second drawing I decided to create my own still life, which isn't something I've done since college. I felt kind of rusty, and that pineapple is a real challenge to draw. Towards the end of it I got hungry and ended up eating one of the apples instead of actually drawing in all its details.

Graphite – 5" x 7"

Picture of the setup

I spent a lot of time on the leaves of the pineapple, but then I lost steam once I reached the base of it. I also think our pineapple might have gone bad.