My Workspace

One of my other assignments for the Illustration for Motion class was to draw my workspace. The goal here was to use multiple perspectives to create a stylized still life. I spent a long time in the concepting phase for this project. After many aborted starts, I finally chose a direction to go in:

My Workspace - Initial Sketch

I pushed myself a bit farther on this one by making the objects on my desk somewhat surreal, turning some of them into creatures. Currently, I share my desk with my boyfriend so it's very crowded and there are an absurd number of wires. My desk feels pretty chaotic, I wanted to reflect that with the design.

Below is my final illustration. Compared to the sketch above, you can see I had to cut out a lot of my other ideas for the sake of clarity. I'm particularly sad I wasn't able to incorporate the junk drawer with teeth, who devours anything placed in its mouth.

My Workspace - Final Illustration

What I found challenging with this assignment was that every time I started in one direction, I'd think "but surely you can abstract it even more?" In the end I'm happy with how I stylized the objects, but I hope to do this assignment again with new objects and really try to push my abstraction.