New Demo Reel

A demo reel is a video compilation of all your latest and greatest work. The reel is often what people look at first, so if they aren't impressed by it, they definitely won't look at the rest of your site.

But a really great demo reel needs to show more than just your most recent work. It should tell the viewer what kind artist you are and what kind of work you excel at. Overall, it's always a bit daunting making a new reel, so this time around I gave myself plenty of time to edit and personalize it. I created a customized intro and outro introducing both myself and my love of birds.

Below are two sketches for the opening shot. It's only on screen for about four seconds but it took a long time drawing all those leaves!

Sketch of title slide
Sketch of forest in opening shot

Check out the final reel:

This is by no means a masterful reel, but I tried to express my personality and showcase the work I enjoyed the most, and I think I achieved that goal.

My new year's resolution was to update my demo reel, and it's only February! Time for a new goal.