The Chimney Swift

In order to become more familiar with working in 3D, I wanted to practice modeling by creating a building with just primitive shapes. I settled on a bird house.

Rough sketches of bird houses

The hardest part was the roof. You can see in the images below that the shingles don't line up all that well on the edges. That's definitely something to improve on next time, but for now I thought it helped make the birdhouse seem handmade.

The right image is the wireframe view of the bird house. Wireframes can be helpful to see the geometry of shapes and how things are connecting to each other.

I like when 3D animations are combined with very stylized 2D animations, so after completing the model, I created a hand drawn animation of a bird flying in. I layered the bird on top of the 3D portion.

The bird with all of its frames visible.

And then I got carried away and turned the whole thing into an ad for a fake Audubon shop called The Chimney Swift.