Tiny Kitchen

This week I moved into a new apartment, so I wanted to honor my old apartment by creating an illustration that showcases its tininess in a warm and cozy way. I initially started off with a drawing of our kitchen and my roomies and me. Halfway through, however, I just didn't like how it was turning out. I tried a bunch of different color variations and style changes to the people, but I felt it was just boring.

Abandoned attempt #1

So I started over and decided to focus on skewing the various perspectives to more extremes to really show that cramped feeling our tiny kitchen had.

Sketch of attempt #2

I played around with the colors for a while, and though I initially wanted something warm and bright, I ended up with something maybe a bit spooky.

Color rough

I wanted to pay a homage to my roommates by having some commonplace food in the background: an avocado, a mug of tea, and a whole bunch of rice. Those items were conflicting too much with the main piece, so I had to minimize them into thin lines. They're still maybe contrasting too much but I didn't have it in me to erase them.

Tiny Kitchen - Final Illustration

Although I'm switching apartments, I still have a tiny kitchen in my new place. When I move next, maybe I'll attempt this type of drawing once more!