Watercolor Practice

I don't consider myself to be much of a painter – I haven't had any instruction in it since high school and I'm still figuring out a lot of the technical stuff on my own. As you may have noticed in previous posts, I enjoy sketching with pen and then quickly applying some watercolor, kind of as an after thought.

In quarantine though, I want to try to get better at watercolor by not relying so much on the pen and by creating paintings larger than my small 4" x 6" notebook. I started off practicing with some of my mom's plants:

Plant sketches

Then I did a small painting of a view from one of our hike's this weekend.

4" x 6"

I spent a while working on the painting below, but ultimately I'm not very happy with it. I think I maybe chose too complex a scene for me to practice on, or maybe I overworked the watercolor. Regardless, I'm going to try again soon, but maybe after I watch some youtube videos.

11" x 16"